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Discover a collection of stunning prints. From nature to the ocean and the moon, I offer a wide range of moody and aesthetic images captured in a calming and simplistic style. Take a look through all the photos on the website and feel free to contact me with any questions and inquiries.

personal favourites

luna y ola

my photography

My photos are always a result of naturally arising moments, that I see and capture. Finding these moments and seeing the photographs in my mind before I shoot them, is one of the challenges I like the most about photography. Travelling is a big part of my life and each new experience brings its own inspirations. Now it is time for me to share these moments with you.

About Me

Born in Germany in 1994. 

I studied Marine Biology in Düsseldorf and Hamburg and moved to Sydney, Australia for my PhD studies in August 2023. Photography became a great passion for me when I finished school. Mainly influenced by my good friend Joanne Elliott, I started picking up my camera more often. Now I take it everywhere and love to observe moments that might end up in a frame.

I mainly use my Fujifilm X-M1, but started to try film photography as well, with different types of cameras.

I support Bees

My cousins are part of this amazing project and I went and visited them in March 2023. Find out more here


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